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as this week senate democrats plan to force a vote on numerous issues stalled by republicans. harry reid says he will opt to change rules on how a minority party can wage a filibuster. >>> jon bon jovi was back in new jersey to present a $1 million check for hurricane sandy relief. he met with governor christie in his hometown of sayerville. >> my being here is not political. it's emotional, because i grew up here. i went to school here. i met my wife here. and in the days following the storm, when i visited these streets and spoke to the residents, when i -- one thought came to me, time and time again was what can i do? >>> well, there are now two clinton libraries in little rock. hillary clinton was on hand to unveil the hillary rodham clinton library. she read "the very hungry caterpillar" and she unveiled pantsuits, complete with many of hers on ka de la renta pieces she's made famous. >>> $5200 came from milos raonic. >>> vice president biden heads west to attend a memorial service for those 19 fallen firefighters. they'll be in the prescott area. >>> that is your morning dish of scrambl
. harry reid, we're taking it serious this time, we're going to get tough, we're going to get serious and again and again and again it doesn't happen. there has been no nuclear option, has been no change of the rules. is something going to change now over this? what are you hearhearing? what are you seeing in the caucus? >> i think we're ready for a major showdown over nominations. the president has said, how can i run an executive branch if i can't get my folks who are nominated up for a vote? indeed, he's absolutely right. the advice and consent clause of the constitution was set in a simple majority framework. not a supermajority. the founders warned against the evils of a supermajority, creating dysfunction. it simply doesn't fit with three equal branches of government that one branch and actually part of one branch, the u.s. senate, should be able to disable judiciary and the executive branch. >> 40% of half a branch, which i guess is 20% of a branch, which is1/3, so about 7% of the government once we sort of put that all in. just so folks are clear on this. senator brown, do you
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)